What are the interest rates for SK Livestock Finance Co-operative?

Interest rates for the Cattle and Bison Feeder Programs is Prime + 0.50% and for the Cattle and Bison Breeder Programs is Prime + 0.75%. For more information about our fees, please visit the Fee Structure page.

What are the assurance fund requirements for SK Livestock Finance Co-operative?

Members will be required to put 5% down for feeder livestock and 10% down for breeder livestock. For more information, please visit the Our Programs page.

Can you provide examples of what I should include as Industry References for the Membership Application Form?

Examples of possible industry references include veterinarians, feed stores, business partners, suppliers, etc. Businesses that you have a business relationship and/or a credit account with that can speak to your producer operations would be appropriate to include in this section.

Is there only one Annual Membership fee for SK Livestock Finance Co-operative? Does the fee include membership for both feeder and breeder options?

SKLF has an Annual Membership fee for its members, which includes both feeder and breeder programs. This fee will be invoiced to all SKLF members based on the January to December year and is payable annually on December 15, of the prior year. For more information about our fees, please visit the Fee Structure page.

Who is eligible to become a member of SK Livestock Finance Co-operative?

SKLF was created by Saskatchewan livestock producers and for Saskatchewan livestock producers to assist them in growing their herds and the Saskatchewan livestock industry.  All members must be Saskatchewan residents and over the age of 18.

What are the policies and procedures of SKLF?

SKLF’s Policies & Procedures Manual can be found at the bottom of the Our Programs page.

How will members receive their information?

SKLF, wherever possible, will provide copies of all information electronically.  Electronic copies of the Membership Application Forms can be found on the Become A Member page.

Who should we make the cheques out to?

Please make cheques out to SK Livestock Finance Co-operative Ltd or SKLF Co-op.