SK Livestock Finance Co-operative 2024 Annual General Meeting
Date:  2:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Type:  ZOOM Meeting

Advance registration is required and closes on February 20, 2024.

Simply email us at and include your name and address or phone us at 306-775-COWS (2697).  If necessary, please leave a message.  We will confirm your participation.

Please send any questions in advance to no later than February 15, 2023.

Agenda – Download
2023 AGM Minutes – Download
Chairperson’s Report – Download
CEO’s Report – Download
2023 Financial Statements – Download
General Bylaw Amendment – Download

Mark your calendars… we hope to see you there!

Board of Directors Nominations

The SK Livestock Finance Co-operative’s Board of Directors is seeking nominations for Director-at-Large positions at the upcoming 2024 Annual General Meeting. The Board must consist of no less than five (5) and no more than thirteen (13) members as per the Co-operative’s Bylaws.

The existing Board of Directors and terms are as follows:

  • Darren Kress                     January 2026
  • Debra Florek                    February 2024
  • Lyle Franson                    February 2024
  • Daryl Rutherford              February 2024
  • Gerald Sanderson           February 2024
  • Schenley Borysv              February 2025
  • Shayne Cristo                  February 2025
  • Sandra Moen                   February 2025
  • Kris Webb                        February 2025

The following are the slated candidates for the Board of Directors:

  • Randi DeBruyne
  • Debra Florek                    
  • Lyle Franson                     
  • Daryl Rutherford            
  • Gerald Sanderson

To be eligible to run for a Director-at-Large, you MUST be 18+ and a Voting Member in good standing with SK Livestock Finance Co-operative. All nominees must also meet all other requirements listed under the Saskatchewan Co-operatives Act, as well as the Bylaws and Policies of SKLF.

If you are interested in being nominated for the Board, please email or phone at 306-775-COWS (2697) no later than February 1, 2023.

Board Attendance Download
2024 Board of Directors Nomination Form  Download
2024 Board of Directors Bios  Download
Board of Directors’ Terms of Reference  Download


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